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Why should I participate?

Dine Around is a relatively new promotion for Delta but the promotion happens in other jurisdictions around the province. COVID-19 has brought new challenges to restaurant operators and put a spotlight on how important local support is for businesses to succeed. 

By creating this promotion, Tourism Delta is partnering with the BC Restaurant and Foodservices Association to draw additional interest to Delta restaurants at a time when consumers are looking for ways to support their local businesses.


As a restaurant, what is my menu commitment?


At the heart of the Dine Around program are fixed price menus. We suggest $25, $35 and $45 offerings. In addition to offering a prix fixe menu that focuses on great value for local customers, restaurants can offer a take out special. Take out can include take and bake (fully prepared frozen or refrigerated items for heating at home) or meal kits (ingredients kits with instructions for cooking).  

The flexibility of the menu features is designed to allow operators who have pivoted to take-away only to participate and to encourage people who are hesitant to dine in during a pandemic to support local business. 


Why is this program being run by We Love Delta?


We Love Delta is an initiative of the City of Delta’s Community Resilience and Economic Recovery Support Team (CRERST). Tourism Delta manages the We Love Delta program on behalf of the Support Team and is therefore also the Project Manager for Dine Around Delta. 

We know that supporting local business is essential to our recovery when this pandemic ends, however this is about more than just economic recovery, it is about building a culture around our diverse dining options and creating a program that can move and adapt with the times we are in

When is the deadline to participate in Dine Around?

There is no deadline to register but to get the best advantage of the March 4 to 20 promotion, we recommend signing up and sending us your feature prix fixe menu and take out offerings by February 25th. 


Why am I paying a $125 fee?

The participant registration fee is typically $250 + GST and includes your first year membership (value $345) in the BC Restaurant and Foodservices Association. BCRFA is active in helping restaurants recover and rebuild during this global pandemic and offer hands on support to operators in need.


As an additional way to support this program, Tourism Delta is providing a 50% subsidy for the first 20 restaurants to register, reducing your business commitment to $125 + GST. This money goes straight to program costs to help make it as successful as possible. 


Each restaurant is asked to commit to donating a gift certificate for $50 to be used for social media promotion and giveaways. 


How do I sign my restaurant up to participate?

Each restaurant will be asked to fill out the participation form, provide their menu specials (dine in and take out), agree to pay the registration fee AND provide a $50 gift card for promotional purposes. Once your application is received, you will be sent an invoice for participation fees. REGISTER HERE


Are prix fixe menus part of the promotion? 


3 course menus (often called prix fixe menus) are at the core of the promotion but not required. We encourage you to get creative. The prix fixe will generally include an appetizer, dessert and an entrée. Beverages, including coffee and tea, are generally not included in prix fixe menus. You can recommend a beverage pairing for an extra fee. We recommend you pair with BC wine, beer, cider or spirits, or offer coffee and tea with dessert.


Remember that current regulations do allow restaurants to sell packaged alcohol with take-out and delivery. Consider offering this with your take out special.


Do I have to pay a fee if I have 2 or more restaurants with different business concepts?

To be fair, all restaurateurs must fill out a sign up form and pay an entry fee for each entity. That is, if you own two or more restaurants that have different names, you must fill out one form for each entity and pay the fee for both, totaling $500 + GST (before Tourism Delta fee share if applicable). 


Do I have to pay a fee twice if I have 2 or more restaurants with the same name in different locations?

Yes. Each restaurant will be listed individually and included in all press material as a separate restaurant. The first restaurant is $250 + GST – however in recognition of the challenges restaurants are facing because of COVID-19, additional locations will be just $125 + GST. The two restaurant profiles, fresh sheets and promotions must be the same. 


If the profiles are different, the $250 + GST applies. The restaurant group will only receive one BCRFA membership. 


What are the rates for multi-unit restaurants?


If you are a multi-unit restaurant and a member of BCRFA, please contact us for rates: 604.669.2239. 


When will my business be included on the website?

The website is updated regularly. Your business will be listed within 7 days of your profile being confirmed. Both your menu and your participation fee must be received before you will be featured. 


Can I include the We Love Delta logo on my website and in my ads?

Yes. All participants will receive the official Buy BC: Eat Drink Local logo to display on their websites and ads via email. You may also email to request the We Love Delta logo.


I just filled out the participation form, how can I get an invoice for participation?

Your application will be emailed to us – if you don’t receive an email confirmation and invoice from us within 3 days, please don’t hesitate to email BCRFA or Samantha. The invoice will include a link to pay online. Cheque payments and $50 promotional gift certificates should be mailed to: Tourism Delta 1105 56 Street, Delta BC V4L 2A2.


I am a participating restaurant, what do I do now that I have signed on?

Participating restaurants MUST offer a special prix fixe menu or take out feature (or both) from March 4-20. Please put together your feature menu and send us a PDF copy of your menu including, when possible, your drink pairing suggestions.


If you can take a picture of one of your featured dishes, we ask that you send us a photo of the dish(es) for inclusion on our social media. We will be using @WeLoveDeltaBC and @BCTastesBetter. 


If you wish to have your chef featured, please create a chef profile and send us your chef profile with a photo of your chef (form will be provided). 


How can I tell my customers about my commitment to We Love Delta Dine Around?


Participating restaurants are encouraged to promote their participation on their website and in their social media. You will be provided sample graphics and sample posts for inclusion on your social media channels. Please tag @WeLoveDeltaBC and @BCTastesBetter on your posts for all of March to build excitement in your participation. 


Does my restaurant have to do anything special because of COVID-19?

We expect all restaurants to follow the current Public Health Orders (PHO) and to have a current COVID-19 Safety Plan as required by WorkSafe BC and the Public Health Officer. You must be committed to providing a safe workplace for your staff and your customers. The steps that a business must follow are determined by the WorkSafe and the PHO, however, we bring special attention to:

  • providing training on your COVID-19 Safety Plan;

  • ensuring you follow enhanced cleaning protocols;

  • limiting tables to no more than 6 guests;

  • ensuring that guests are not mingling with other tables; 

  • having staff wear masks in all shared spaces;

  • having guests wear masks when circulating in the restaurant and not at their table;

  • creating physical distance of 2 metres between chairs or using washable rigid barriers to create distance (as defined by WorkSafe BC and the Public Health Orders).


Do participating restaurants have to accept reservations?


Your restaurant does not have to accept reservations for this campaign but we do encourage reservations to make a smoother guest experience given the nature of this worldwide pandemic. 

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