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Here in Delta, we're lucky to have plenty of natural adventures right at our doorstep. Strap on your walking shoes, or saddle up on your bike and get set to discover the Millennium Trail, a trail system that links Deas Island Regional Park with Ladner.

By foot or by bike, this itinerary is perfect for a foggy morning or a sunny afternoon.
​1. Deas Island Regional Park

Deas Island, one of Delta's biggest regional parks, provides a scenic starting point for your adventure, and most importantly, ample free parking. Take a spot close to the park's entrance and unload. As no biking is allowed within the park, head straight out to the Millennium Trail and pedal west on this horse-pedestrian-bike trail.


​2. Millennium Trail

The Millennium Trail connects Deas Island to Ladner, offering over 15KM of meandering, mild-to-no elevation gravel, and paved paths through farmscapes, marinas, river bends, and suburban pop-outs at Captain's Cove Marina and central Ladner. Keep in mind you can make this trip as long or short as you want, turning around at any point. 

* View the City of Delta's FULL Millenium Trail bike map here.

​3. Riverhouse Restaurant & Pub

A destination resting spot for a patio beverage and foodie break is the RiverHouse Restaurant & Pub with a patio hanging over the Fraser River and marina, offering expansive river views and particularly lovely sunsets.

​4. To Central Ladner, or Return to Deas Island

At this point, the itinerary becomes a choose your own adventure. Continue on the Millennium Trail, heading into Ladner Village for dining options like Sharkey's Seafood Pub, Il Posto, Sapporo Sushi, or greek cuisine at Taverna on their Mediterranean patio.


Or, make this your turnaround point and return to Deas Island. If your legs are up for more, once at Deas, walk about the pedestrian trails for birdwatching and forest bathing. Follow the trail west along the river banks for a unique top of the Massey Tunnel perspective of northbound traffic.

Photo Credit @riverhouserestaurantandpub.

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