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Passport FAQs

Exploring Delta has never been easier – just load your passport onto your phone and go!

Passport FAQs

Wondering how the We Love Delta passport works? Take a look at the questions most frequently asked by users.

Do I have to download an app?

No, the passport is not an app, it’s a link.  To sign up, visit the passport landing page, provide the necessary information, and a link to your passport will be instantly sent to your phone via text and email.

How do I save the link to my home screen for one-tap access?

Add the passport icon to your home screen using the ‘add to homescreen’ function on your device. 

Can I access the passport from my computer?

The passport is optimized for mobile phones. That is where you will have the best user experience, and it’s highly recommended that you use a smartphone to access your passport. 

Do I need an internet connection to use my passport?

Yes, you require an internet connection to access the passport.

How do I check-in to collect my points?

When you are within half a kilometre of a participating location, allow the passport to access the location details on your phone. The passport will then prompt you to check in and your points will automatically be added to your account. 

Who do I contact if my passport isn’t loading or working properly?

Please email or phone 888.921.5333 if you are having technical difficulties. 

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