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Delta's Flying High

#ExploreDelta Birding

Things are really looking up for Delta! In fact, people, specifically birdwatchers, are looking up in Delta as we're officially on the BC Bird Trail. All three of our communities, North Delta, Ladner, and Tsawwassen, from Mud Bay to the ferry causeway, offer a spectacular array of migratory birds and feathered residents for our viewing pleasure.

Geographically, we sit on the BC Bird Trail's South Fraser section, a migratory route coined the Pacific Flyway that offers some of the finest wildlife and bird viewing in Canada (toot toot goes our own horn). While October to April is really when the bird show peaks, our summer months are also privy to winged creatures big and small.

Enthusiasts and nature lovers, get ready for some wing-erful views throughout autumn. We'll get our birding guide to Delta started with our most southerly tip, Tsawwassen.

Boundary Bay Regional Park & Centennial Beach

Down by the bay in Tsawwassen, you’ll likely come across bird enthusiasts, binoculars & large lens cameras in hand, silently observing Delta’s migratory wetlands and perhaps giving the side-eye to off-leash dogs disturbing this protected habitat. We take our birding seriously here. The dyke stretches over 18 KM of prime bird viewing paths and seaside walks, rides, or even horseback adventuring throughout snow-capped Mt Baker views, tidal scenes, and trails. Be on the lookout for the coveted snowy owl, shorebirds, waterfowl, and raptors.

Tsawwassen Causeway, The Herony

As you head towards Tsawwaassen's BC Ferry Terminal, off to the side is a great blue heron herony. It's a spectacular site, home to over 100 active nests and squawking herons. If you're driving and heading west towards the ferries,

make a left-hand turn at Tsatsu Shores Drive park your car, and take in all their glory. While not necessary, we recommend binoculars for a peek into the bluff.

OWL Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society

Looking for a close-up view of our talon friends? OWL is dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of local owls. In doing so, they provide our community with an excellent resource and viewing opportunity for these unique head-spinning creatures. scheduling a guided tour of their facility, and learning about BC's raptor families, is a worthwhile stop on the Bird Trail.

Stay tuned, we'll be following the South Fraser BC Bird Trail across our communities. For more information on this birding route, check out

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