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We Love Delta IPA Returns!

This popular collaboration between two amazing Delta breweries has returned for its second year, with the We Love Delta IPA from Barnside Brewing and Four Winds Brewing.

Available at the breweries on March 24th, and across the community in restaurants and retailers the week of March 28, grab your 6-pack or hit up your local watering hole for a fresh pour before it sells out.

In conjunction with Tourism Delta under the 'We Love Delta' brand, this tasty partnership seeks to bring attention to, and help define our community - from fresh produce and bountiful farmlands to scenic waterways and nature-filled vantage points. Beyond the beer being a celebration of what we've got right here in Delta, it's a beer that aims to give the Lower Mainland a taste of it.

With Four Winds at Tilbury, and Barnside just a short drive or cycle down the scenic farm roads of East Ladner, the two breweries have already put Delta on the map as a craft destination and pin on the BC Ale Trail. The two breweries, from the get-go, bonded over their close proximity, passion for beer, and Delta commonality, both sharing a history of being founded by deeply rooted Delta families.

Barnside was founded by four long-standing Ladner farming families, who pivoted from dairy farming to hops while searching for new crop opportunities, while Four Winds is the product of the Mills family's passion for beer, and a history of local business success with Mills Paint, since 1930.

“We’ve been wanting to work with Delta-grown ingredients for quite some time, and our neighbours at Barnside were able to help facilitate that dream. We then added to the collaboration by joining with the “We Love Delta” arm of Tourism Delta and the We Love Delta IPA was born!.”

----- Four Winds Brewing Co.

Like the Four Winds and Barnside history here, We Love Delta IPA hopes to also tell a story. Barnside grows their hops exclusively for their beer recipes, held in proprietary. Since each hops variety offers a unique aroma and bitterness, the result is a taste truly unique to Delta. Made exclusively from Barnside's homegrown hops and barley, alongside Four Winds house strain of yeast, make this product is 100% Deltan and incredibly unique.

The 2022 We Love Delta is an easy-drinking, light-bodied ale IPA at 4.5%, exhibiting floral and citrus notes, along with stone fruit.⁣

While this year’s release is slightly different, the sense of community that we all feel has not changed. We all love Delta – the beaches, the farmland, the wildlife, the parks and the wonderful communities within our borders.⁣

Available on tap at both breweries starting March 24. 6 x 355ml cans are on sale in the Barnside taproom (not available at Four Winds) and will be shipping to shops across the Lower Mainland and the Island starting next week. ⁣

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Beyond the beer being a celebration of what we've got right here in Delta, it's a beer that aims to give the Lower Mainland a taste of it. See More ISO Consulting:


11 de dez. de 2023

Nice one

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