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If you're looking to stay informed, inspired, and entertained in the realm of capsule blogging, here are some of the best current capsule bloggers you need to follow:


1. Caroline Rector - Unfancy

Caroline Rector is a pioneer in the capsule wardrobe movement. Her blog, Unfancy, focuses on minimalist fashion and intentional living. She shares practical tips on curating a capsule wardrobe, styling outfits, and embracing a simplified approach to clothing and personal style. Caroline's emphasis on quality over quantity and sustainability has resonated with a global audience seeking to streamline their closets and reduce fashion waste.


2. Lee Vosburgh - Style Bee

Lee Vosburgh is known for her thoughtful approach to capsule wardrobes and ethical fashion. Style Bee combines Lee's passion for minimalist style with her commitment to sustainability. Her blog features seasonal capsule wardrobe guides, outfit inspiration, and tips on building a versatile and eco-conscious wardrobe. Lee also shares insights into mindful consumption and encourages readers to make informed fashion choices that align with their values.


3. Anuschka Rees - Into Mind

Anuschka Rees is a minimalist blogger and author known for her insightful approach to personal style and intentional living. Into Mind explores the intersection of minimalism, mindfulness, and personal development. Anuschka's blog offers practical advice on creating a capsule wardrobe that reflects individual style preferences and lifestyle needs. She emphasizes the importance of understanding personal style, wardrobe planning, and building a cohesive closet that stands the test of time.


4. Courtney Carver - Be More with Less

Courtney Carver's blog, Be More with Less, advocates for living with less and focusing on what truly matters. She is a proponent of the capsule wardrobe concept as part of a broader minimalist lifestyle. Courtney shares practical tips on decluttering, simplifying daily routines, and embracing a minimalist approach to fashion and personal care. Her blog inspires readers to prioritize experiences over possessions and cultivate a life of simplicity and intention.


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