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It's Berry Season in Delta!

When the summer heat begins to pick up in June, it signifies the start of berry season here in Delta! Locals flocks to the farms, filling up buckets in anticipation of pies, smoothies, and picnic treats to come. Whether you're new to the U-Pick world or need a season refresher, we've compiled a few quick tips and local farm listings to get you started.

Know Before You Go

Most local farms, from berry u-picks to produce stands, appreciate cash and debit payments over credit (if they even offer credit card purchases at all). Let's work to keep their fees down, and #supportlocal by bringing good old-fashioned cash.

Be cognizant of varied farm conditions. Be sure to wear appropriate farm shoes, good and solid for your day in the fields. Another must-have is sun protection - a hat, sunscreen, and water to keep you hydrated is always a smart idea.

Bring your own bucket* or rent/borrow/purchase one from the farm. Either way, they'll weigh it before you head out and upon your return, so that you're only paying for the berries and not the vessel. You may pick more than you think, and berries topple over in full buckets. To help avoid that nuisance, there are usually small wagons available. Trust us, this makes the venture much easier and more enjoyable.

And finally, enjoy! Catch the spirit of the farm - you'll be crouching and picking, a therapeutic endeavor in the farm-fresh air. Newbies can always ask for help. U-Pick staff are full of helpful tips that will help you make the most of your time in the field and help protect their crops.

We're so lucky to live here in Delta, where U-Pick and berry buying is around every corner. The season is just opening up, so be sure to check in with your farm of choice for opening times and hours.

Photo cred: Emma Lea Farms


Best Choice Berry Farm 📍 5415 104th Street

📍 5580 104th Street

SBR Blueberry Farms

📍 5121 112th Street.

Blueberry Pick Up Only

Bancy Blueberry Farms

📍 5055 34B Avenue

The Works: From Berries to Farm Stands

Farm stand, local honey, berries, and quite possibly the best ice cream & sundae treats. 📍 2727 Westham Island Rd

Farm stand, berries, local honey, fresh baked goods, seedlings, fresh-cut flowers, pumpkins.

📍 4690 Kirkland Road

** As we are still in COVID times, please note that additional safety protocols are in place. This may include hand sanitization prior to entering the field, no use of personal buckets and social distancing.

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