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Chewters Chocolates/ChocXO

Chewters Chocolates, owned by ChocXO is a proud Gold Sponsor of the Delta Holiday Gift Box Campaign and a local favourite for organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, Kosher, ethically sourced and environmentally responsible packaged chocolates. They are one of the top ten chocolate factories of their size in Canada!

"At ChocXO, we are genuinely passionate about chocolate. In 2015, we came up with a simple concept. Source the best ingredients and make the world's most extraordinary chocolate treats. Sounds simple - right? We thought so too. For the most part, that is what we did. Hey, we're Organic, Non-GMO, Kosher, Gluten-Free, Keto certified, and SQF Level 3 Certified, right? Yup, but then we thought could we do better! As we are just as passionate about our planet and its people as we are about chocolate we looked even deeper at our ingredients suppliers and their practices and thought, what if on top of getting the best ingredients we also made sure our ingredients were ethically sourced, that the cacao growers received a fair wage and that we made sure all our manufacturing practices were as eco-friendly as possible. Now that would genuinely make everyone "Happy." Eat Chocolate. Be Happy."

Look out for ChocXO's newest lineup of Ruby Chocolate products -- naturally fruity and pink in colour, without additives or dyes!

"Earlier this year, we saw the debut of two new products. With the discovery of Ruby Chocolate, we created the PB & Ruby Peanut butter cup and a Ruby SNAP with quinoa and Raspberry and debuted them at Chicago's Sweet and Snack Expo. They were a big hit and garnered us the Most Innovative Product Award. We are very proud of this product as our team created concepts and samples, designed packaging, designed a tradeshow booth, ordered chocolate and raw materials, produced and packaged it all in 6 weeks."

Look for ChocXO products in your local grocers and health food vendors.


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