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We Love Delta With Support Local BC

Be a Holiday Shopping Super Hero—Shop Local!

Did you know there is a new way to support your local businesses by purchasing gift certificates online at Support Local BC? When you purchase a gift certificate from Support Local BC Delta, your gift certificate(s) will be emailed directly to you. You can give them as a gift or you can save them for later purchases for yourself, as they have no expiry date. This successful partnership has already generated $439,000 to date for local businesses in BC, all in the form of online gift certificates! Gift certificates are available in denominations of $10, $25, $50 and $100.

Buying your gift certificate supports a local business now and you or the recipient can enjoy their products or services later.

Shopping Local Has a Domino Effect

Did you know that every dollar you spend at a local retailer keeps 63% in the local economy versus only 14% when you buy at a multinational chain? Locally owned businesses not only re-circulate 4.6 times more revenue into their local economy than a multinational chain store, but they are active supporters of community events, sports teams and charities. In fact, independent businesses donate up to 24 times more per dollar of revenue to local charities than multinationals!

Independent businesses are also more likely to buy local services and stock local products, which further leads to the success of your neighbours.

Local businesses provide local jobs. A 10% shift in BC consumer spending towards independent businesses would create 14,150 jobs and keep $4.3 billion in the BC economy. In addition, when workers are able to work within their own community, they have a smaller carbon footprint and have more time to be with family and friends and pursue what is important to them.

Ultimately, when you shop local, you are supporting the dreams and hard work of someone you know.

Benefits of Shopping Local Online

We are living in a unique time as we, our families, friends and wider community learn alternative ways of living during COVID-19. Shopping online in the past has often meant buying from huge chain stores, but now with the help of Support Local BC we can shop from our sofa in the comfort of our homes and still support our local independent businesses.

It's a Win-Win! Supporting Delta-owned businesses:

  • is environmentally friendly

  • strengthens your local community

  • supports your local economy

  • creates more local jobs

  • supports unique shops and services

Come In, We're Local!

Gifting season is upon us! Perhaps you are looking for the perfect teacher gift or some way of thanking a hero this year. No matter who you are buying for (even yourself), the perfect gift supports local businesses whether purchased online or in person.

How can you get involved?

  • Register your business on Support Local BC. It's FREE and EASY.

  • If you love Delta and want to support local, shop Support Local BC Delta

  • Make sure you are following us @welovedeltabc on Facebook + Instagram

  • Remember to TAG @welovedeltabc in your social media posts

  • Use #welovedelta as much as possible

  • Keep us in the loop! Email us at to share any promotions, ideas or information that we can share out to our communities.

*Sources: LOCOBC

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